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From "InternetTVMike":

For movies:  Better than Netflix, with more current movies, is Amazon online - but you have to pay per view. If you don't want to pay per view, Netflix DVD's by mail or Redbox are second-best.

For TV shows:  Forget Hulu, and the networks: TVGuide, Clicker, and SideReel access all TV shows, no matter where they are. Amazon Prime ($79/yr), Hulu Plus ($7.99/mo), and Netflix Streaming ($7.99/mo) are only good for old TV shows & movies.  Not worth the price unless that's what you want.  A good feature is that, if you want to watch a series that you missed in the past, you can subscribe for only as long as you want to.

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Streaming Video Comparison

Wal-Mart buys Vudu, jumps into streaming movies.

Amazon Prime vs. Netflix vs. iTunes vs. Hulu

Good comparison article (Netflix v. Hulu Plus v. Amazon v. iTunes):


"In the end, Netflix is best for movie lovers who want some TV shows, Hulu Plus is the best choice for TV addicts, and both iTunes and Amazon Video on Demand are a good fit for occasional watchers who want access to a TV show now and then or affordable HD streaming movie rentals without waiting forever."

Amazon Video On Demand Review

By Dustin Sklavos, Contributor | 11/9/2010


"It's funny, after having reviewed Netflix and iTunes I feel like I've experienced the two poles of quality which online video can vacillate between. On the one pole is Netflix's streaming service, with a selection like a video store without a new release wall, and an extremely enticing price tag. On the other is iTunes, with a vast selection and an Apple tax more or less levied on every single piece of media. At some point we have to find a middle ground, right?

...This is something Netflix can't really touch: I have to wait a month for "Splice" to become available just to rent the physical media on Netflix, but on Amazon it's readily available for streaming. Given the death of Blockbuster and my own distaste for Redbox ($1 a night may be fine, but keep in mind the "new releases only" nature of Redbox can be suffocating for smaller, more independent releases), Amazon's service turns out to be just about the only game in town that doesn't require you to run Apple's abysmal iTunes 10.

Amazon's selection is pretty vast and, when browsing prices, I found Amazon to consistently offer better deals than the iTunes store. In my review of the iTunes store I found the "Paranormal Activity" digital download selling for $19.99; Amazon charges half that, though they still don't have the digital rental available. Even the new "Iron Man 2" was only $14.99.

Amazon Video On Demand Review

By Jerry Jackson, Editor | 10/13/2009


"Amazon's Video On Demand service, formerly known as Amazon Unbox, is quickly becoming a popular source for online streaming of movies and TV shows because the library of titles available through Amazon is noticeably superior to what you'll find through Netflix's Watch Instantly service. Amazon is probably able to secure the rights to more new releases than Netflix because the pricing structure for Amazon is different. Rather than a low monthy fee like Netflix, Amazon requires you to pay for every video download either as a limited-time rental or outright purchase, though the latter option is considerably higher in price. Some TV shows or older films are available for free, but most standard definition movie rentals are $3.99. These same titles are available for purchase at an average price of $14.99 for newer releases. High definition (720p) purchases -- where they are available -- usually cost a few dollars more. TV episodes are available for purchase only at $1.99 (480p) or $2.99 (720p) per episode.

Bottom line: Amazon is more expensive than Netflix, especially if you are a frequent downloader, but your extra cash gets you extra features: Wider movie selection, better upscaled video content, and the option to actually purchase a digital movie file, rather than rent. If I'm willing to pay a bit more I can use Amazon to download new releases almost as soon as they are available on DVD and Blu-ray."

Discussion of Netflix vs. Hulu Plus (more about Hulu Plus):


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