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                      A Wave Of Freedom For Your TV!

                            The WAVE™ connects your TV to the Internet
                                    (and adds a computer to your home)!


"I've tried everything - Apple TV, Roku, my laptop PC - and The Wave is by far the best solution.  It gets anything on the Internet, without any restrictions."

"I love having things on my 'big screen', including Internet games and my family & travel photos."

"The Wave is only one-inch thick, and is 'plug and play':  It comes with everything you need to connect it to your TV - software, cables, and wireless remote control that includes a "thumb keyboard" and touchpad."

"I cut my cable TV bill to Basic, saving about $100 per month, because I can watch all the TV shows, movies, and sports on the Internet with The Wave!  Now, if I could just receive the local TV stations with an antenna or if they would broadcast on the Internet..."

>  There are no monthly fees and The WAVE™ only costs $389, including a reliable wireless remote!

>  The
WAVE™ turns your TV into a dramatic digital picture frame when you are not watching TV!

>  The WAVE™ is a complete PC, similar to the bottom part of a laptop PC, but it is set up especially to work with your TV!

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